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We are a firm of expert auditors, accountants and business advisers based in the UAE. We are dedicated towards delivering ideal business and commerce solutions for our clients through our perpetual commitment towards innovation and commercial sense.


Spider Associates provides a variety of expert financial and management services to clients across a diverse range of industrial sectors. From expert level financial services, including auditing, accountancy and financial Planning, to business advisory services, our experienced team are there to provide multiple business and commercial solutions for people and organizations that take their business seriously.


Our head office is based in the Emirate of Dubai. We are proud to say that we can work for mainland and as well as for free zones companies also in UAE.


We are committed towards providing expert-level corporate financial auditing services for our clients, through our team of accomplished Chartered Accountants. We offer a wide range of client-customized accounting, auditing and financial reporting services that aligns with your business growth expectations.


Our specialist and cost-effective accounting and business advisory services are built to provide effective solutions for SMEs, as well as large enterprises.

Tax Advisory

By utilizing the tax advisory services from our experienced professionals, your business can get a competitive edge through an effective tax planning structure, even during challenging times.

Restructuring Services

Through our highly skilled debt advisory and restructuring team, your business can not just resolve your debt-related concerns, but also maintain the ideal debt structure to push your business forward.

Assurance Services

We can help you monitor your business through our highly-acclaimed Assurance Services, specially designed for business owners, entrepreneurs and executives. Our major Assurance Services include:

  • Accounting Compliance and Reporting
  • Financial Accounting Advisory Services
  • Financial Statement Audit
  • Fraud Investigation

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can I initiate a project?

Where do you provide your services?

Currently, our headquarters is based in Dubai, with operations in Abu Dhabi as well. Thus, most of our operations are presently centered around these two regions. However, we are planning to expand our on-field operations across the UAE in the near future.

Should I be worried about your fees?

We have worked with a variety of businesses over the years, ranging from small enterprises to large multinational corporations. However, our fees are priced according to the size and scale of the job and the clients’ turnover, rather than pre-determined rates. We can promise you one thing: the quality of our work definitely isn’t cheap and we can also assure you that our pricing levels are certainly not beyond the reach of many businesses. Please do get in touch with us to get a custom quote for the services you want from us.

How can I be assured of your ability to deliver on your promises?

We can promise you one thing: we don’t over-promise and under deliver. Our team of experts from various industries and professionals always emphasize on delivering rational and reasonable benefits. When we work with you, from day one our prime focus would be to carefully assess the situation and come up with beneficial solutions that best match your business structure. We are very transparent towards our clients throughout the whole process.

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